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Want to get an Amateur Radio License so you can transmit?

Hey! I'm Liam, ZL2DEV, a relatively new radio operator, having obtained my license in November 2022, so I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge based on how I studied for and got my license and also provide some useful links.

What are the requirements for the exam?

You will need to answer at least 40 of 60 questions correctly in the exam.

How can I study for the exam?

These links from the Wellington VHF Club website may also be useful;

Can I transmit on amateur bands between 5 MHz and 25 MHz?

If you want to transmit on amateur bands between 5 MHz and 25 MHz you will need to have made 50 contacts (QSOs) with other stations and have had your license for at least 3 months.

Can I use my New Zealand Amateur License in other countries?

If you want to transmit in countries other than New Zealand, using your General Amateur Operator Certificate you will need to check the government rules of that country to see if they allow a New Zealand amateur licensee to transmit.

I recently travelled to Australia and the United States and was able to transmit in both of the countries as long as I added a prefix or suffix to my callsign based on the countries rules.

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